Miscellaneous Articles and Publications

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c.1962 1) Kingfisher 20 brochure
2) German K20 brochure featuring nos. 27, 32 and 67.
Jan 1962 Y & Y review of the K20
Sept 1962 YM review of the K20
Nov 1962 Die Yacht review of the K20
c.1963 Westfields brochure featuring K20 and K30 No.2152, owners reports, stats, cap size test etc.
April 1963 Kingfisher 20 order form
Nov 1963 Bournemouth Evening Echo reveal plans for the K30
1964 1) Kingfisher 20 price list in French
2) French K20 brochure featuring No.32
3) German K20 brochure featuring No.32
Feb 1964 Bourenmouth Evening Echo visits Westfields
c.1965 K20 Order form
Feb 1965 1) Vancouver Sun review of the K20 featuring No.106
2) Sunday Express boat test of the K20 featuring No.106
c.1966 "Ships and Champagne" A Sidney Garner - Peter Haigh Production. Starring 'Dytiscus' The most beautiful sloop in the world. A documentary of a voyage from Poole to the Mediterranean via the waterways of France. (Does anyone anywhere have a copy of this?)
Jan 1966 Kingfisher 30 review (Copy) (unknown magazine)
May 1966 Bournemouth Evening Echo article on K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold
June 1966 KYOA Rally Yarmouth IOW and attendee list. Meal at George Hotel.
July 1966 YM article on K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold in the Caribbean
c. 1967 Letter suggesting KYOA newsletter
Jan 1967 Observer - K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold
Feb 1967 The Northern Echo - K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold
Mar 1967 West Morland Gazette - Quill No.187 (pic) and the Windamere 24 hour  
June 1967 KYOA Rally Yarmouth at the Kings Head
Aug 1967 1) Daily Sketch - K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold
2) Sunday Express - K30 Charon of Styx and the search for gold
3) Poole and Dorset Echo celebrate the 70th Kingfisher to be built in 1967 - K30 Golden Breeze
Oct 1967 1) KYOA buffet reception at Kensington Palace Hotel to coincide with Earls Court Boat Show
2) Bournemouth Echo - K30 Mother of Pearl survives a tremendous ocean battering off Africa
Nov 1967 1) Bournemouth Evening Echo - K20+ review sail no.268
2) Financial Times - Westfields has orders for over 60 boats, half of which will go abroad
Dec 1967 1) Yachting and Boating weekly - Westfields announce 3 changes - new K20 Plus, K26 inboard, K30 new galley design
2) Yachting and Boating - K30 article
3) Yachts and Yachting - the Kingfisher Range 
c.1968 1) Instructions on what to do when you receive your Kingfisher 20 PLUS (1st edition)
2) All three Kingfishers brochure (Copy - original would be much appreciated)
1968 1) Bristows book of Yachts K20 (106), K26, K30 (2152).
2) Bristows book of Yachts K20, K26, K30 Advert showing cross sectional plans
3) Sunday Telegraph - Lone voyager Chay sets sail with Mr Zulu
4) Sunday Times - Chay Blyth sails in round the world race
Jan 1968 1) Yachting and Boating Weekly - K30 aft cabin, tiller and main sheet
2) Yachts and Yachting - K26 Galley
Feb 1968 YM - K30 heads and Westfields moulding
April 1968 YM - K30 galley and sliding door configuration article (pics)
June 1968 1) Telegram from Chay Blyth to Westfields
2) Bournemouth Evening Echo - Chay Blyth and K30 Dytiscus (pic)
3) Sunday Express - Chay Blytth (pic) and K30 Dytiscus
4) Yachts and Yachting - K30 Dytiscus (pic) and article
5) Sunday Express - Chay and Dytiscus close on rival
6) Yachts and Yachting - K20+ technical specification
July 1968 1) Daily Colonist, Vancouver BC - K26 launch
2) Bournemouth Evening Echo 22nd July 1968 K30 Dytiscus II reported stolen from Poole - she was never recovered.
Aug 1968 Yachts and Yachting test the K26 - Full review with pictures featuring No.12
Nov 1968 PBO article on Kingfishers - copy missing
Dec 1968 1) Kingfisher 20 PLUS brochure
2) Kingfisher 26 brochure
3) Kingfisher 30 brochure
1969 Book Devils Gold K30 Charon of Styx
Jan 1969 1) Sunday Express - Chays wife tells of nightmare as Atlantic gale batters yacht
2) Bournemouth Evening Echo - pictures of Kingfishers at Earls Court Boat Show
April 1969 PBO K20 PLUS review
1970 Book Innocent Aboard K30 Dytiscus III
c.1970 Yachting World Sail Boat guide featuring the K30.
c.1971 Article from Woman magazine on K20 Polyester No.49
c.1971 AYRS Document No.75 with an article on K26 Blue Smoke
1972 Tiddlers View of the Round Britain Race K26 Blue Smoke by Guy Hornett
Dec 1972 Watermota Seawolf, Sea Tiger, Sea Leopard service manual for Mk.II
c.1974 1) Yachting and Boating Weekly - New k20+ and picture of K30S
2) Power and Sail K30S boat test - pictures, diagrams of No.60
3) Westfields K30S specification sheet
May 1974 1) YM design section - Kingfisher 30s review
June 1974 Sunday Express K30s review (Copy)
c.1975 1) Kingfisher 30s brochure (Copy)
2) Yachting Monthly review of K30s
3) K26JR sail and rigging parts
4) Hasler K20+ basic specification sheet
5) YM sailing review of Hasler K26 with pictures including Hasler K20+
Jan 1975 1) YM ist review of the K20+JR - copy missing
2) Hasler K20+ Chinese Rig price
3) K30 brochure incorporating the K30S No.60
May 1975 1) Hasler Kingfisher 20 . Details of rigging. Drawing No. CV/25 by H.G.Hasler. Amended 3/1/79
2) K20+JR Sail plan and rigging. Drawing No. CV/24 by H.G.Hasler. Amended Jan 1979
Aug 1975 Boat Magazine - Hasler K20+ test and pictures
Sept 1975 YM design section review of the Chinese rigged K20+
Dec 1975 1) K20+ price list and order from
2) Hasler K20+ Chinese Rig price
Mar 1976 PBO K20+Pilmer with mention of K20+Happy Mouse that was under going trials as a comparison.
April 1976 1) Hasler K26 price list and order form
2) K26 price list and order form
3) K30S price list and order form
May 1976 Yachting World K20JR 414 Clover Louise
Dec 1977 Hasler K26 price list
1978 Kingfisher 26 Blue Smoke features in Waddingtons Super Trumps described as a fast cruiser
K26 Trump1.jpg (16114 bytes)
Jan 1978 1) PBO K20+ Crackers on Lake Constance Switzerland
2) K20+ Advert in yachting magazine (Drawing)
March 1978 YM Cover of K30 Nordlys at Korsund just north of Sogne, Norway
c.1979 1) New HK26 design
2) New K36 drawings
3) New K22 artists impression
Feb 1979 1) Hasler Kingfisher Fully Battened Lug Sailing Instructions by H.G.Hasler
2) Hasler Kingfisher Sailing Instructions - Drawings of HK26 nos DV/11 and DV/12 are missing.
3) Publication DV/20. Mentions HK30 and HK36 but no drawings listed.
May 1980 PBO article on K20 - picture of K20 No.32.
Dec 1980 PBO article K20JR (not PLUS) Amethyst Sail No.245 being towed by lifeboat in St Peter Port
c.1980 1) YM Cover Picture of K30 Nimrodel
2) K36 listed in Buyers Guide
April 1982 PBO Articles on K20+ Griffin, K26JR, Picture K26JR No.68 Cygnet of Medham
Sept 1982 Sunday Express K20JR Amethyst and Keith 'Ginger' Elliot cross the Atlantic
May 1983 Poole Advertiser K20JR Amethyst and Keith 'Ginger' Elliot set off around the world
August 1983 1) Daily Telegraph K20JR Amethyst and Keith 'Ginger' Elliot arrive in New York with no VISA!
2) Daily Telegraph K20JR Amethyst and Keith 'Ginger' Elliot avoid deportation and are given 2 months to prepare the boat
c.1986 K20+JR Vanity around the world updates
June 1988 PBO Sailing the junk-rigged gaff or the Junkette Rig
Jan 1990 Keith 'Ginger' Elliot feared lost retuning to Poole from USA
July 1997 PBO Issue 367. Kingfisher 20 report
c.2000 Yachting monthly Mairi Sona Atlantic Cruise
Nov 2000 Interesting Practical Boat Owner Magazine report on K20 'Frantica' Sail No.74
May 2001 Sailing Today suggesting K26 as an alternative to the Sabre 27
Oct 2002 Yachting Monthly A to Z of 2nd hand yachts featuring the Kingfisher Range
2004 Reeds Yacht Buyers Guide K20 'Alcedo'
2005 Yachting Monthly article featuring K30s 'Penultimate'
June 2006 PBO article on Feather Vanes featuring K20+
July 2006 PBO article on 'The Jester Challenge' featuring K20+ 444JR 'Shanti'
May 2008 PBO No.497 Kingfisher 26 full re-build 'Seabird'
June 2009 PBO No.510 Kingfisher 26 new cockpit floor 'Seabird'
October 2012 Yachting Monthly - Chay Blyth sails K30 Kamiah in Scotland 45 years after his voyage on Dytiscus III
Unknown Instructions on what to do when you receive your Kingfisher 20 PLUS (2nd edition)
Unknown K20+ brochure featuring No.351, K26 No.12, and K30 No.6
Unknown PBO review on Hasler K20+
Unknown Newspaper review of 1st National Kingfisher Race in Poole Harbour
1st Liza, 2nd Clare if Impington, 3rd Susan Too
Unknown Article on Westfields titled 'Very Special Cruising Yachts' by Spencer Armsdon
Unknown PBO full report on K20+ Crackers sailing in Germany - Austria
Unknown Mercury Outboard advert featuring K20+ Taj Mahal
Unknown The Moray Toilet instructions and parts diagrams