Kingfisher 30JR Technical

This was the very first junk rig conversion and although not a production Kingfisher R.A.G. Nierop  acted as a consultant. 

The masts were manufactured in wood by a company based in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

Please click the thumbs below for larger pictures of the yacht 'Yeong' (chinese for kingfisher) which apparently was sold by its original owners and converters around 1980. She is currently in Scotland.

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From Hasler & McLeod’s Practical Junk Rig, Chapter 16.

Yeong (1972)

Owner: Rear Admiral R. L. Fisher. Standard GRP Kingfisher 30 hull, designed by R. A. G. Nierop. Twin keels with 1 cwt (51 kg) of extra lead in each to compensate for heavy mainmast. Skeg rudder. Centre cockpit. LOA 30 ft (9.1 m), LWL 25 ft (7.6 m), beam 9 ft (2.7 m), draught 3 ft 9 in (1.1 m).

Hull modified by builder while under construction to carry two-masted Chinese schooner rig designed by J. K. McLeod and R. L. Fisher. Foremast raked 10' forward to keep its heel far enough aft to give adequate bury. Tapered hollow timber masts, originally sheathed in GRP but latterly stripped and coated with polyurethane enamel. All hauling ropes led to cockpit. Total sail 443 sq ft (41 m2).

Hasler vane steering gear type SP. 25 hp diesel auxiliary engine.

MAINSAIL. 303 sq ft (28 m2) . Aspect ratio 2.2. Yard angle 70º. Four-panel parallelogram with two-panel fanned head, total six panels. All battens of same length. Balance 10 per cent at batten 3. Four-part single sheets with one three-point span and one two-point anti-twist span. Top batten not sheeted. Short batten parrels. Luff hauling parrel. No batten downhauls.

FORESAIL. 140 sq ft (13 M2) . Aspect ratio 2.0. Yard angle 76º. Battens of different lengths. Six fanned panels. Convex luff and leech. Balance 17 per cent at batten 2. Five-part single sheets with two two-point spans. Top batten not sheeted. Short batten parrels. Luff hauling parrel. No batten downhauls.


1976 Clyde - North coast of Spain - Clyde

1979 Clyde - circuit of Ireland - Clyde

Both crewed by husband and wife only, combined ages

150 in 1979.