Kingfisher 30 Pictures

Sail No.48
'Osprey'  'Osprey'  'Osprey'  'Kamiah' Sail No.56 and 'Osprey'
Fandango Again'

'Happy Zelda'  Sail No.50

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Kingfisher 30 Refit Pictures

Volvo Penta MD2030 in K30 Fixings and number of bolts on K30 New Stern Gear on K30 prior to engine Notice the skeg strengthening New stern gear. Notice the cooling ducts Osprey in the shed at Dolphin Quay
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Work Starts All deck fittings removed Stripped to the bare bones Jammy Dodger in Guernsey
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K30 shoes made by CJB Marine (See Links) are 6mm on the bottom bent along the centreline to replicate the keel shape and 3mm around the sides. These have continual weld making them totally watertight KeelShoe.jpg (15542 bytes)
These new water tanks can be removed if the need arises. The new tanks have baffles etc. The original S/S tank stretched the width of the boat and must have been installed before the deck was fitted. Unfortunately lack of baffles, poor welding and thin S/S caused the tank to leak. Refitwatertank.jpg (23067 bytes)