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R.A.G. Nierops Dinghy 195x to 1958 Dinghies were produced but as to numbers and whereabouts are unknown. Any information greatly appreciated.
Kingfisher 25 1967 Artists Impression and used in the early adverts. This evolved into the K26.
PBO No1 1967 Kingfisher 25.JPG (97612 bytes)
Kingfisher 36 First conceived in 1978 Never produced. There were not enough pre-orders to warrant construction. Some drawings are available.  The K36 was also to be available as a junk rig but I have never seen any drawings.
Kingfisher 48 Year unknown Never produced. This yacht was certainly talked about in the days of  Westfield Engineering but whether there are any drawings etc. available is unknown.
Catalac c.1972 - 1976 Westfield Engineering also built (not designed) some of the Catalac catamaran range. I have included the ones I am aware of as they may be of interest to other owners. As to the number of yachts Westfields built I do not know.