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Wednesday 27th July 2016
K20 For Sale, K20 Fleet, Diary, News

Tuesday 25th May 2016
Jester Challenge, Diary, News, K26 For Sale

Tuesday 13th October 2015
Forum upgraded to 3.0.14

Thursday 24th September 2015
Contacts, Diary, News

Tuesday 5th May 2015
K26 For Sale and K20 Fleet

Monday 23rd February 2015
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.13-PL1

Tuesday 17th Feb 2015
Diary, News, K30 For Sale

Tuesday 16th Sept 2014
Contacts, Diary, News

Friday 5th Sept 2014
K30 For Sale

Friday 27th June 2014
K30 For Sale

Wednesday 4th June 2014
K30 For Sale

Friday 28th March 2014
K26 For Sale, K30 For Sale and K20 Fleet

Wednesday 12th March 2014
K26 and K20+ For Sale

Wednesday 19th February 2014
All Fleet lists, Diary, Updates, Contacts

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.12

Wednesday 17th July 2013
K26 Fleet,
K20 For Sale, K26 For Sale

Wednesday 3rd July 2013
News, K20 Fleet, Contacts, Diary

Wednesday 22nd May 2013
News, K20 Fleet

Wednesday 8th May 2013
Contacts, News, Diary Dates, K20 unknown sail numbers, K20 Wanted

Wednesday 13th March 2013
K20 Fleet, Diary Dates

Wednesday 28th November 2012
K20 Fleet, K30 Fleet, K20 for Sale

Tuesday 23rd October 2012
K20 Fleet, K30 For Sale

Wednesday 19th September 2012
Links, News, K30 Fleet, K20+Fleet, archives

Friday 7th September 2012
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.11, K20 For Sale

Wednesday 5th September 2012
K20 For Sale/Wanted, K26 Fleet, Diary

Tuesday 17th July 2012
K20 For Sale, K20 Fleet

Monday 25th June 2012
K20 For Sale

Saturday 23rd June 2012
Diary Dates KYOA Rally

Wednesday 13th June 2012
K20 For Sale

Wednesday 30th May 2012
K20 Fleet, K30 Fleet,  News, Jester Challenge

Wednesday 28th March 2012
K20 Fleet, K26 Wanted, K30 Fleet, Diary, News

Wednesday 11th January 2012
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.10

Wednesday 2nd November 2011
K20 Fleet, K26 For Sale

Wednesday 12th October 2011
K20 Fleet, K20 For Sale, K30 Fleet

Wednesday 21st September 2011
K20 Fleet, K26 Fleet, Diary, K20 For Sale, K26 For Sale, K30 For Sale

Wednesday 13th July 2011
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.9, K20 Fleet, K26 Fleet, Diary

Wednesday 8th June 2011
K20 Fleet and K26 Fleet

Wednesday 25th May 2011
K20 For Sale and K20 Fleet.

Wednesday 18th May 2011
K26 For Sale, K20 and K26 Fleet.

Wednesday 20th April 2011
K26 For Sale and Diary

Wednesday 2nd March 2011
K26 For Sale

Wednesday 16th February 2011
K20 & K26 For Sale, K26 Pictures

Wednesday 19th January 2011
K20 Fleet, Homepage

Monday 29th November 2010
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.8

Wednesday 3rd November 2010
K20 Fleet, K26 Fleet

Monday 27th September 2010
K20 Fleet, K30 for sale

Monday 20th September 2010
K20 Fleet, K30 Fleet, archive articles, Jester Challenge

Monday 13th September 2010
K26 For Sale and Archives

Monday 6th September 2010

Monday 5th July 2010
K26 For Sale, K20 For Sale, K20 Fleet List, K30 Fleet List

Saturday 1st May 2010
K26 price reduced and miscellaneous updates

Wednesday 28th April 2010
All fleet lists updated as per 2010 membership

Tuesday 6th Apr 2010
K20 Fleet List, K30 Fleet List, K26 For Sale

Wednesday 24th Mar 2010
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.7 - PL1

Wednesday 10th Mar 2010
Diary Dates

Wednesday 3rd Mar 2010
K20 For Sale and K20 Fleet

Wednesday 17th Feb 2010
K26 For Sale, K20, K26, K30 Fleet

Wednesday 3rd Feb 2010
K20 For Sale

Wednesday 27th Jan 2010
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.6

Monday 25th January 2010
K26, K30 Fleet, Archive Articles

Monday 14th December 2009
MoTo's Slop Chest Updated - check out all the new stock for 2010
Jester Challenge

Monday 23rd November 2009
Diary, News, Fleet Lists, K20 For Sale

Monday 1st June 2009
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.5

Wednesday 13th May 2009
Kingfisher Rally Cowes 2008 Pictures

Monday 11th May 2009
K26/K30/Non Kingfisher Fleet/K26 For Sale/K30 For Sale Updated

Friday 8th May 2009
K20/K20+ Fleet Updated

Saturday 25th April 2009
Forum upgraded to Version 3.0.4

Thursday 12th February 2009
K26 For Sale

Tuesday 3rd February 2009
Diary Dates and K30 For Sale

Thursday 8th January 2009
K20 for sale, and K20 Misc Fleet

Friday 28th November
***New*** Hasler Vane Gears Page

Tuesday 18th November
K26 for sale and K30 Fleet

Saturday 8th November
Forum Upgraded to Version 3.0.2

Tuesday 4th November
K30 For Sale Page

Saturday 25th October
News and Diary Page

Tuesday 30th September
Various K20 Fleet
K30 Wanted

Tuesday 5th August
To&Mo's Slop Shop

Wednesday 23rd July
K20 For Sale

Friday 11th July 2008
New Jester Challenge Page
A Look at the K25 in the projects section
A couple of lost articles from 1976 added to the archive articles
Misc pages updated - K20 Fleet 1-100 * 401+, K26 For Sale, K30 Fleet
If you've found this page then this is new too !